Klingberg Trucking Services

Klingberg Trucking, Inc
  • Chemical Division

    (Tank Load Transportation With in Transit Heat for Hazmat and non-Hazmat tankers with pumps and vapor recovery)

  • Container Division

    (Container Hauling)

  • Asphalt Division

    (Hot Asphalt Tanker Load Transportation, Dump Trucks and End Dumps For Blacktop)

  • Aggregate Division

    (Dump Trucks and End Dumps)

  • Trans Loading Division

    (Mobile trans loader from tanker truck to rail car)

  • Food Grade Division

    (Food Grade and Kosher Certified Tanks with in Transit Heat)

    Kosher Certified

  • Dry Freight Division

    (53ft. Dry Vans)

  • Freight Brokerage

    (National & International)

  • Satellite Tracking

Diesel and Ethanol Division

We have the experience and the equipment to transport bio diesel year round. Klingberg Trucking Inc has a variety of insulated trailer options which protects the product against the effects of cold weather.​

Portable trans-loading capability for all sorts of products.

Klingberg Trucking, Inc
Klingberg Trucking, Inc

Safety is what makes us different

  • Maintenance & Safety checks on all trucks and Drivers.
  • Scheduled review of Dot changes and safety meetings.
  • Driving tests and evaluations of drivers.
  • Drug and alcohol testing.
  • Highest Dot Safety Rating.
  • TWIC certified card Drivers.
  • Hazmat certified Drivers.
  • Training and procedures of equipment.
  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded.